How to Change the Locks on Your Car

How to Change the Locks on Your Car?

Car door lock replacement is different from other locks, people think that it is the same as the other locks, but they are wrong.

Once card door lock change is required, it becomes necessary for us to replace the lock at first hand to keep us protective from unwanted instances.

When your car doors are not properly locked, you may face horrible accidents, and even your car is also at the risk of theft.

Your car door can be replaced in a couple of minutes by following the proper steps.

When we need to replace the car door lock:

When we need to replace the car door lock

When we face problems such as car door lock damaged, broken, become irreparable, key damaged or lost, we should change the car door lock.

We have many options for the lock that we can rekey or can get a replacement key for the lock.

These are good options, but we can only ensure the maximum level of security only when we replace the car door locks by 24 Hour Locksmith Near Me.

If we get the replacement key, then we are at risk if our lost key is in some bad person’s hands, can theft our car.

How to change a car door lock?

How to change a car door lock

• Properly close the car door window, then with the help of the screwdriver, unscrew the manual handle of the window and remove it.
• Now you need to remove the door panel, and screws for that purpose open the car door and try to locate the screws of the car door. You will find these car door screws around the perimeter from the driver’s side of the door.
• Remove all screws and speakers from the armrest carefully without any damage and, in the end, you will see the panel of the door remove it with care.
• Now find the electrical connection base and disconnect it from all the door switches.
• Now again, close the car door you will see a rod inside the car door, locate the latch of the car door lock. Now with the support of a needle plier disconnect the door latch from the rod of the car door.
• Next to that, remove the c-spring clip with pliers support, your car door lock will release.
• Now insert the rod holder inside the door lock in its last place after that, take your new lock and install it at the same adjustment from where you replace the old car door lock.
• Now reassemble all the parts one by one and connect all the electrical connections, put the window handle back and screw it with the screwdriver keeping the window close.
• Now verify the operation of the lock; everything is fine? Your car door lock has been changed.

Final Thoughts:

Car door locks are quite different from other locks, and their repair and handling are also different from other locks.

You will need an average cost from 150 dollars to 200 dollars for car door lock replacement that includes round about 50 dollars as the locksmith service charges. Replace car door lock yourself to save your precious money.