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Make Someone Happy with an American Artist

Scott Tennant is considered as one of the world’s favourite artist. His unique arts make you wonder. Be part of his art gallery and explore his startling works. He does believe that one should nurture his creativity and unleash his latent talent. He understands artwork should be as individual as we are. His amazing art gallery takes you into a new world of art.

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Scott Tennant Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Scott Tennant in Alaska. Our mission is to exhibit our artworks by participating in art fairs. Scott Tennant Art Gallery works with current and new artists. We are always stand by helping them who want to build their career as an artist. We are dedicated to bringing the artist’s latent talent out. We try to make our each and every artwork as a unique so that it can easily draw the visitors attention.

Scott Tennant began his career as a Kindergarten Teacher at Aurora Elementary School. He loves to pass his time with kids and love to art. So he chose his career in such a way so that he would get enough time to concentrate on his artworks. He is enthusiastic about helping new artists. Scott Tennant earned his B.F.A. and M.F.A degrees at the University Of Alaska Fairbanks. He is a permanent member of the National Gallery of Art.

Jesus Rose

Art Producer

If You’ve Got the Time, We’ve Got the Art gallery.


Exhibition Dates


The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Museum of Modern Art.


National Gallery of Art.


Art Institute of Chicago.

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Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Scott Tennant in Alaska. Our mission is to exhibit our artworks by participating in art fairs.

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The Greatest Car a Boy Could Ever Have

The Greatest Car a Boy Could Ever Have

My first car was a piece of junk. It was a red Ford minivan, and I hated it. When my brother turned sixteen, I was only too happy to learn my parents were giving him the van and I was to receive my grandmother’s car. Sounds kind of crazy right? You don’t know my grandmother.

Her car was a 1995 Cadillac SLS with the limited edition black roof. Oh baby! It was silver and grey and roomy as could be. The interior was black leather and on a hot day your body would stick to the seats like non other. But this didn’t bother me. To me, this car was a chariot of mythological proportions, click here for more info.

The Greatest Car

When I first showed up at school in my new ‘Pimp-Mobile’ as my friends soon began calling it, I was the envy of many of the students in my class. I went to a private school, so many students drove fancy, expensive cars. But here I come in this sleek grey Cadillac with enough room inside for a full party and man, you should have seen their faces! They couldn’t believe it!

While I was the first person in my group of friends to get my license, I was rarely the one picked to drive. What cool sixteen year old wants to be seen driving up in a Minivan? Not my friends! But when I got my Cadillac, all this changed. It got horrible millage, but my friends were more than happy to put a couple bucks in for the ride. It was smoother than silk, and when you pressed the peddle to the floor it shot forward like a cannon ball. Many a memorable night was spent cruising in Loretta, as I called my Cadillac. I even made a mix CD of songs about Cadillacs to play while we cruised.

Some of my best memories are of times spent in Loretta. Dates with my then girlfriends, as well as great times with my brothers are come back to me now, almost 6 years after I gave her up. By the end she was in pretty bad shape. Not on the outside as I kept her looking as good as the day she rolled off the belt, but the parts began to wear away. By the time I was 20 it was time to say goodbye. I miss that car, and I still would love to drive a Cadillac again.

Buying Furniture Through Furniture Rental/Leasing Programs

Buying Furniture Through Furniture Rental

A Look at 6 Inherent Dangers

Renting and leasing furniture can be defined as closely the same thing, if not the same thing. The one difference could be that a leasing program charges a bit less for the furniture than a rental program. Nonetheless, both programs function about the same. Both are designed to let you use the furniture while you make payments for a particular amount of time. Here are some dangers to consider before deciding to go this route when trying to furnish your home:


Weekly payments. Many rental/leasing companies require weekly payments, rather than monthly, running your bill up quickly. This means that if you rent/lease a sofa for $10 per week, you actually pay $40 per month for a large number of months. (Saving this amount of money per week and then purchasing a sofa outright with cash will save lots of dollars.)

Limits on late payments. Some companies limit you on the amount of times that you can pay late. So, if your paychecks sometime fail to come regularly, this is something to think about. Paying late too many times can warrant the company picking the merchandising up, claiming that you defaulted on the rental/lease agreement. If this happens, you’ve lost the money you’ve paid in on your items. To know more about the furniture rental, read here:

Daily late fees. Regardless of whether you pay weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, many rental/lease stores charge late fees by the day. This means you will pay the designated late fee times the number of days you were late in paying. (For instance, if the standard late fee is $2.00, you only have one contract, and you were 3 days late in paying, you would owe an additional $6.00.)

Multiple late fees. Many furniture rental/lease plans set up the agreements so they can maximize late charges when a customer pays late. For instance, if you rent/lease a sofa and a dinette table on the same day, you will pay only one total when you go in to make your payment. Don’t let this fool you, though. Many companies set the agreements up per item. In other words, the sofa is on one contract agreement and the dinette table is on another contract agreement. What does this mean for you, the customer? It means nothing if you never pay late. However, if you pay late, the company usually charges late fees by the day. So, if the late fee is $2.00 per day, and you have two contracts, you pay $4.00 in late fees per day. This adds up to a whopping $28 in late fees for only 1 week.

Delivery charges and insurance. While many companies claim free delivery and promote the fact that your furniture is insured when you rent/lease it, don’t necessarily believe this. You likely pay for both in your weekly payments.

Set locations. Rental/leasing companies usually indicate in the agreement that you cannot move the furniture from one location to another without their approval. Even more, they will often come move it for you just to make sure that you don’t leave the state with it.

Preview Procedures for Live Auctions: Guide to Attending Live Sales

Preview Procedures for Live Auctions

Doing well at an auction doesn’t mean simply showing up and bidding. A smart buyer takes time to learn about the items ahead of time, takes time to become an informed bidder rather than an emotional bidder. Most auctions have a preview, and they are a great help in preparation. The preview may simply be an hour or two before the auction starts, or it may be a day or two before the auction. If the preview time is not listed in the auction ad, contact the auctioneer or auction house for the information.

Purpose and Materials

Purpose and Materials

Many auctions now provide some pictures online, but these pictures are limited in both number and detail. They are useful for determining if you have questions and whether or not you want to check the auction in person, but they cannot replace the information or fun of the hands-on approach.

The preview allows an opportunity to see everything that’s being offered, something only higher end auctions do online. While auctioneers try to put the best items online, they may well miss a treasure, or simply an item that happens to attract you. This is also time to judge quality and condition. Some items look much better in person, some much better in the pictures. Size is especially difficult to judge online

For the preview, the essentials are a notebook and pen and a magnifying glass, preferably all small enough to fit into your pocket. A camera is not a bad idea, especially if the preview is at least a day before the auction. Some auctioneers may object to the camera, but most don’t mind. As you gain experience, you may want to take a portable blacklight, which can be useful for determining the age and composition of some glass, as well as for spotting repairs. We have provided you detail about auctions; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.

Making the Rounds

Based on the ad, you will probably have a few things already in mind that you want to look at, but take the time to look through everything, even at least a glance at things you think you have no interest in at all. For some things, the auction may be your only chance to get a look at one in person. Allow yourself some child-like fascination at this stage.

As you go through the items, jot down notes about which ones you’re interested in, their condition, questions you may want to ask, and the price you’d be willing to bid. This last item is particularly important because it helps you avoid too much emotional bidding. Bidders have been know to let emotion and competition raise the price well beyond sensible value, something you don’t want to explain to your spouse later.

After the first time around, do it again. Although you may focus more on items already on your list, this also increases the odds that you’ll spot a treasure (even if it’s only a treasure to you). However, the main goal in this second round is to look even closer at items of interest to consider quality and condition.

When checking condition, use your hands as well as your eyes. Running your fingers lightly around an object can pick up irregularities it’s all to easy to miss otherwise. Be patient. This extra time also helps determine which items simply appealed to you because they were bright or odd and which ones have a more enduring interest. It’s okay to buy things that you’ll end up selling in a year or two, but you don’t want to pay too much.

Special Procedures

Special Procedures

Be very careful with lids and handles. Before picking an item up, it’s best to remove the lid and set it aside. If the lid is taped in place, you should still put your hand over it to make sure it stays in place. Also, never pick an item up by the handle. That may be what it’s for, but it’s a bad way to discover that the handle was cracked. But down your investigative tools, and use both hands.

Always put items back where you got them. This is especially true of “box lots” (numerous items, usually of lesser value, all put into one lot). Auctioneers usually try to sort what goes into different boxes, either to gather similar items or to create a variety of interest. Others at the preview will be noting what is in which box, and it’s not fair to move items around.

As with so many things, common sense and courtesy are excellent guides. Since these previews are also social events, those guides will serve just as well when dealing with the other viewers. Take your time, and enjoy the experience.

Web Based Change Management System

Web Based Change Management System

A web based change management system can assist a company improve their business operations in many ways. By making used of advanced ticket tracking technology, any change processed by the system can be used to later formulate reports that can show the strengths and weaknesses of a company or organization at any given time. The ticket tracking system also allows for easy access to new projects by searching for the latest projects. This allows employees to deal with their projects from the newest to the oldest, or from oldest to the newest active, depending on what they need to do.

Change Management System

By using a four step process, CME’s web based change management system allows employees to work while avoiding long meetings and unnecessary run around in the office. The first step of the four step process is the Initiation phase. This is where an employee, manager or business owner fills in a form on the website regarding the project. This is where information such as the basic and in depth descriptions of the project are filled in, as well as the estimated time frame for completion and the group that needs to be assigned this project. When this is completed, the project is passed to the approval phase. This is when the automated e-mail notification system messages every member of the assigned group to inform them that there is a new project that needs to be reviewed and processed. During this phase, the employees will discuss what guidelines and specifications should be put in place for the project. This is the phase that primarily helps avoid the run around and long, unnecessary meetings, click here for more info.

When this is completed, the members of the group will approve it and pass the project to the Implementation phase. The Implementation phase is where the project is made into a reality through use of the guidelines and specifications refined in the approval phase. When the Implementation phase is completed, the project is passed to the Confirmation phase. During this stage of the process, the members of the assigned group will review the project and make sure all of the specifications were reached. This is the quality control phase. If the project does not pass, it is sent back to previous stages to make sure it is carried out properly. If it is deemed completed, the project is pulled out of the active queue and dropped into the history, where it will be used for records.

How do you Measure Glass Balustrade for Stairs?

How do you Measure Glass Balustrade for Stairs

Glass balustrade for stairs is necessary to measure if you want to get the right specification. If you do not have a proper measurement, you can order an excessive glass, which is useless for you, or you may order less quantity, which also becomes a hurdle in your task, check here.

So when you are ordering the glass balustrade for stairs, it is essential to take its measurement first and then order the glass’s required length. You may want to use clamped or embedded glass balustrade for your stairs, but no need to worry measurement steps are the same.

How to measure glass balustrade for stairs?

When you need to order the glass balustrade for stairs, you can measure by following these simple steps.

  • Start with measuring the angles of the stairs; it is possible to measure in two ways. You will need an angle finder for taking the angles’ measurements; if you have already, then it’s good; otherwise, purchase a new angle finder to measure the angles.
  • If you do not want to spend money then, there are also options for you to download the free apps for finding the angles of your stairs on your smartphone. Search the angle finder app on the Play store; download any of the apps; after downloading, installs it on your phone.
  • You should measure the angles from the horizontal axis because the angle you will measure is the stairs’ pitch. It is not enough to measure from one place; change your places and measure angles at different locations to confirm that you have measured the stairs’ correct angle.
  • After that, you will need to measure the width; width means that the balustrade’s horizontal length measures from newel face to newel face. You should measure that width parallel to the floor and horizontally.
  • Here I will mention one of the important points to keep in mind; the glass builder measures the glass only for one panel; if you have two panels, you will need to take a separate measurement and more glass for the second panel.
  • In the end, measure the handrail’s height; when you measure the height of the balustrade for stairs, consider the height from the top of the base rail to the downside of the handrail. Never count the total height from the floor.
  • After taking the measurement, place your required glass order with a good brand. I will suggest you cross- verify and take each measurement a minimum of two times because measurement can affect your task. Only the proper measurement ensures the smooth completion of the job.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Glass balustrades are necessary to order according to the correct measurement. If you do not pay attention to the measurement, you will face difficulty even hiring a professional. It will increase your cost, but it will adversely affect your performance if you are doing this job yourself. So always, before ordering the glass balustrade for stairs, take proper measurements as we guide you and then place the order with glass builders.

The Top Auto Parts Stores in Manchester, Connecticut

The Top Auto Parts Stores in Manchester, Connecticut

The thriving New England town of Manchester, Connecticut is home to several excellent auto parts stores. Most of these stores are chain store locations and they offer large inventories of parts and accessories.

Some of these auto parts stores also feature on site service centers, which provide parts installation and repair service. Presented here, in an effort to assist the consumer, is an article which offers brief profiles of the top auto parts stores located in Manchester, Connecticut.

Sears Auto Center..190 Buckland Hills Drive, Manchester, CT..(860) 245-9002

Sears Auto Center..190 Buckland Hills Drive, Manchester, CT..(860) 245-9002

Not only can you purchase auto parts at this Sears Auto Center, but you can also get your automobile serviced and repaired there. If desired, you can also shop at the regular Sears store.

Large selections of high quality tires and batteries are featured here, as are many other types of auto parts. These include custom wheels, battery chargers, air intakes and fuel systems, electrical systems, suspension, car top and hitch carriers, mechanics tools, fluids and filters, tire air gauges, lighting, wiper blades, floor mats, automotive electronics, repair manuals, emergency kits and much more.

This Manchester, Connecticut auto parts store is open seven days per week.

Napa Auto Parts..267 Broad Street, Manchester, CT..(860) 643-1551

Located near the Manchester Parkade, this Napa Auto Parts location is a favorite auto parts store of many local residents. Parts for myriad types of vehicles are available here and staff members are knowledgeable regarding the parts they sell.

Some of the products that are normally stocked and sold at this store are batteries, electrical systems, ignition and filters, sensors, relays and switches, brake systems, clutches, drivetrain and transmission, engine parts, hardware and gaskets, fuel and emissions, exhaust systems, heating and cooling, steering and suspension, radiators, interior and exterior accessories and many other items.

Autozone..410 Broad Street, Manchester, CT..(860) 649-2885

A wide range of auto parts and accessories for many different types of vehicles are regularly in – stock at this Autozone location. Among the types of parts that are normally in stock here are batteries, drivetrain, powertrain, brakes, cooling and heating, fuel delivery, electrical and lighting, engine parts and a host of other products.

This Manchester, Connecticut auto parts store is open seven days a week, with late closing hours usually in effect.

Acme Auto Incorporated..393 Broad St, Manchester, CT..(860) 649-5377

Acme Auto Incorporated..393 Broad St, Manchester, CT..(860) 649-5377

The auto parts store of choice for many Manchester, Connecticut area vehicle owners and enthusiasts, Acme Auto regularly stocks a broad spectrum of auto parts and accessories for a multitude of motor vehicle models.

From spark plugs, brake parts and hoses, to wheel cylinders, intake manifolds and water pumps, this well organized auto parts store will most likely have it in stock.

Excellent customer service and competitive prices are consistently provided at this Manchester, Connecticut auto parts store.

Pep Boys..205 Spencer Street, Manchester, CT..(860) 646-5900

Open seven days per week, the Manchester, Connecticut Pep Boys location is a very popular auto parts store. Many types of parts for a wide range of vehicles are provided here, with average prices charged.

A great selection of tires are offered at Pep Boys and they can be installed at the adjacent Pep Boys service center. Auto electronics, shocks and struts, car stereo equipment, belts, heating and cooling, exhaust, drivetrain, brakes, engine parts and an array of other parts and accessories are usually available at this auto parts retailer.

Home Depot’s Behr Ultra Pure Paint Reviewed

Home Depot's Behr Ultra Pure Paint Reviewed

After having many good experiences using many Behr paints, I was sure I must be buying the best paint for my girls room when the paint mixer convinced me to go for Behr’s ultra pure paint.

The paint mixer person insisted that I would only need one coat of this pink paint to cover lavender paint that was on the girls bedroom walls. The price was more expensive but after explaining that I also didn’t need to prime the walls prior to painting with Behr Ultra Pure Paint I went for it. I mean, why not?

Pure Paint

In a nutshell it was a nightmare. The Behr Ultra Pure Paint was so thin it streaked and needed two coats of paint. I had to go out and buy another gallon of paint to paint the room.

In the end, two coats later,the Behr Ultra Pure Paint did look gorgeous. It didn’t do what the Home Depot paint mixer said but two coats later I got the exact color I was hoping for for twice the price.

Watch 2021 Masters Golf Live Stream Online for Free

Masters Golf Live Stream

Finding where to watch the 85th edition of The Masters? The upcoming Masters Golf will be broadcasted this April. ESPN & CBS both have exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament partially.

ESPN has the right to cover the early stages and CBS will cover the main event. Lots of other streaming networks will also stream live through ESPN & CBS.

You have multiple options to enjoy the sensational Masters Golf Live Stream. Three of the best ways are discussed here.

Masters Golf Live Stream on ESPN

ESPN has had the rights to broadcast this game since 2008. And the contract is still going on. So, if you want to enjoy the tournament at home, you can watch the ESPN tournament.

However, ESPN has a cable network. So, if you want to watch The Masters Golf with cable, you can do that. But as it is a premium channel, you may need to contact your cable provider if you don’t have it already.

Furthermore, if you are not interested in cable, they have more options available for you. You can enjoy the Masters Golf Live Stream online through their official website. For that, you have to download an app from the site, and then you can watch the exciting tournament.

Masters Golf Live Stream on CBS

CBS covers the main event of the tournament. CBS is available on cable networks, so you already should have access to it. If not then contact your cable tv operator or buy a digital antenna. Then you can enjoy a thrilling main event on your tv.

However, lots of people don’t prefer cable nowadays. You can subscribe to CBS All Access just for $5.99 per month. It is one of the best options to watch the Masters without the cable. I know it’s not free like the title says, but you need to pay a sum if you don’t want cable.

Additionally, you will also have access to more than 10k on-demand CBS exclusive episodes with this price. Furthermore, you can cancel the subscription anytime you like.

Watch 2021 Masters Golf Live Stream Online for Free

If you are currently in the United States, you also can watch it on the Masters’ official website. Organizers of the Masters provide the live streaming service for people in the US. If you live outside, you can use DNS or VPN services.

And please don’t forget to update your current browser to the latest version before visiting the site. Because they always update their platform.

To watch the live streaming, you just need to go to on your browser. And then select the live stream option. And it is completely free of cost.

Final Words

Golf is one of the most popular forms of sport. And The Masters is considered the best among the major golf tournaments. People from all over the world wait to watch this event. Above mentioned platforms are some of the best ways to enjoy the game from your convenient place. Please choose how you want to watch the show and take appropriate action because we are only a few weeks away from the ultimate golf experience.

Building a Better Green Home

Building a Better Green Home

How to have a green, net-zero home.

In a time when both climate changes and difficult economic adversity are the daily headlines, building a better green home makes common sense. A better green home with the increase in energy efficiency is something that many of us can do to help both issues of climate and economics, check here.

Many homeowners have begun to do the simple things already, such as replace old incandescent light bulbs with the more energy efficient compact fluorescent lights. However, many people are looking to do more. They are striving to create a net-zero energy home. A net-zero green home is one that produces as much energy in a year at it uses. Here are a few ideas at what it takes to make your green home one that is a net-zero energy one:

What a Green, Net-Zero Home Needs

What a Green, Net-Zero Home Needs

As we have said, a green, net-zero home is one that finds the balance between energy usage and energy production. To do that a net-zero green home will need to have some sort of renewable energy system setup. Currently there are three common ways to produce renewable home energy. The first and most common are photovoltaic solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. The second is solar hot water, which can take a lot of roof space to work efficiently, and the third is wind technology, which needs lots of land to work well.

Designing the Green, Net-Zero Home

When considering the design of your green, net-zero home you need to take into consideration land use and positioning. For wind turbines and solar panels to work efficiently, you need to make sure that your home is positioned to take advantage of sun and wind effectively. In your green, net-zero home design, the homeowner needs to look for ways to minimize the energy load in heating, cooling and lighting. If you have an existing home you can do the basics of sealing air leaks and replacing windows and doors for better insulation.

When designing or updating your existing green, net-zero home, take into consideration of what lifestyles changes you are willing to make. The cost of making a green, net-zero home through basic efficiency can be a lot cheaper than the purchase of new solar panels or wind turbines for your home. However, putting up those solar panels and wind turbines can be a lot less disruptive to a family lifestyle than a basic remodel for green, net-zero efficiency.

Having a Green, Net-Zero Home is Also a Lifestyle Change

To achieve a green, net-zero home takes more than just updating or building the perfect energy efficient house. There is a requirement of both technology and lifestyle behavior. The technology is continuing to get better and be more efficient, however now matter how many solar panels you install, there is no replacement for shutting the lights off and taking shorter showers.

How do you Change Locks on a Door?

How do you Change Locks on a Door

To secure your house from any external force and from robbers you have to lock your house properly whether you are in or out. Door locks play an important role to protect your properties and keep your house safe. Consequently, you have to install the best quality door lock in your home otherwise it will not safe. Home is not only to shelter but also to safeguard all your properties and it is also the biggest property. Nowadays people spend lots of money on building an elegant house and they have plenty of valuable things inside the house. If you do not have any property door lock then there is a chance for theft that’s why people concern about the door lock system. It is a must to check your door lock is working properly or not. Get the best quality of door lock for your safety because it will give a long life without any repair. If any repair occurs you will get free service from the company where you have bought the product. The world is becoming digitalized so most people go with digital products even you can get a digital door lock system.

Essential things about the door lock

Essential things about the door lock

If you are shifting to a new house from the old one you have to consider the door lock. Because there is a chance to make a copy of the key for the door lock. After shifting to a new house, you have to change the door lock immediately. In case you are not changing the door lock for a year then surely it will make you in trouble. Maybe the old tenant has given a set of keys to the neighbour, family friends, or to any other person. For your property safety, you have to change the door lock as soon as you have changed the house. No one will take responsibility for it so you should have more conscious about it and have to make it as your wish. According to your need, you can make a door lock to your home or office space wherever required. There is a wide range of new model door locks are available all over the world and also in the online store. People buy the best door lock for their desire from any one of its stores. Some companies have provided products on their website themselves for the convenience of the customer.

Buy the best quality of door locks

Buy the best quality of door locks

Sometimes your door lock will have stuck when you are trying to insert the keys. Due to many reasons this kind of problem may occur so better consult with the locksmith they will guide you to resolve it. Lack of lubricant may cause these issues in the winter season so you have to lubricant your door lock when it gets stuck. If you maintain the door lock properly then there is no need to change your lock often otherwise you have to change it. There is a need to change the door lock seldom if you have taken care of it. At the time of installation check the door carefully and get to know all the maintenance tips from the professional. They will suggest you tips and trick to keep it safe for the long term and also the locksmith Scottsdale gives you proper instruction regarding the door lock. Nowadays enormous models of door locks are available so you can pick any one of your choices. The locksmith will install any type of door lock as per your requirement and also solve any issues in the door lock.  You have to know when to change the door lock and how to use it properly.