Scott Tennant

Make Someone Happy with an American Artist

Scott Tennant is considered as one of the world’s favourite artist. His unique arts make you wonder. Be part of his art gallery and explore his startling works. He does believe that one should nurture his creativity and unleash his latent talent. He understands artwork should be as individual as we are. His amazing art gallery takes you into a new world of art.

You Press the Art Gallery

Art Gallery Tastic

Scott Tennant Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Scott Tennant in Alaska. Our mission is to exhibit our artworks by participating in art fairs. Scott Tennant Art Gallery works with current and new artists. We are always stand by helping them who want to build their career as an artist. We are dedicated to bringing the artist’s latent talent out. We try to make our each and every artwork as a unique so that it can easily draw the visitors attention.

Scott Tennant began his career as a Kindergarten Teacher at Aurora Elementary School. He loves to pass his time with kids and love to art. So he chose his career in such a way so that he would get enough time to concentrate on his artworks. He is enthusiastic about helping new artists. Scott Tennant earned his B.F.A. and M.F.A degrees at the University Of Alaska Fairbanks. He is a permanent member of the National Gallery of Art.

Jesus Rose

Art Producer

If You’ve Got the Time, We’ve Got the Art gallery.


Exhibition Dates


The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Museum of Modern Art.


National Gallery of Art.


Art Institute of Chicago.

Latest Exhibition

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- The Colors of Love

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- Living Dreams

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Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Scott Tennant in Alaska. Our mission is to exhibit our artworks by participating in art fairs.

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Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL LIVE™ with NHL Pass

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

How much do you love watching ice hockey? I don’t know about you, but I love it so much. To watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream, I have found NHL LIVE™ very helpful. All you need to do is purchase a pass and enjoy the whole season.

If you want to know about how to get an NHL Pass and watch NHL LIVE™, read this article till the end. Season 2020-21 is ending soon. So, prepare yourself for the ultimate battle of ice hockey.

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL LIVE™

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL LIVE™

NHL LIVE™ is a sports streaming product from the National Hockey League. You can access it through the NHL app and website. Moreover, you can stream all the games on your smartphone, laptop, or other streaming devices. If you purchase the NHL pass for season 2020-21, you’ll be able to watch all the playoff games, and the Stanley Cup Finals live stream.

NHL Pass Price

To buy the pass, you need to go to NHL Live’s official website. There you’ll find different subscription plans based on what time of the season you’re purchasing. As of now, the pass will cost you $74.99. It covers all the remaining games of this season.

Usually, the price at the beginning of the pass costs around $179.99 per season. Early birds can get this only at $159.99 per season with a discount. However, NHL LIVE™ also has a monthly plan that costs only $29.99 per month. In a few of the Canadian cities, there’s also a french package available. It will cost roughly around $53.99 per season.

How Many Devices Can I Connect with One Account?

That’s a very common question from ice hockey fans. If you can’t log in to more than one device, then it’s not worth paying $74.99. But the good thing about NHL LIVE™ is that it allows multiple logins. That means you can log in up to three devices with one NHL Pass. So, if you have a small family, everyone can watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on their own devices.

Supported Devices

NHL LIVE™ is an online streaming platform to watch NHL games. Therefore, you can get access to NHL LIVE™ with almost any device that allows online streaming. Android devices, iOs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc., are able to stream NHL LIVE™. However, you can not stream it on Xbox 360, 2nd gen Apple TV, and Playstation 3.

Out-of-the-Market Games

The key selling point of NHL LIVE™ is it allows you to watch Out-of-the-Market games. That means, suppose you’re living in Tampa, but you’re a fan of Colorado. So, your local television will cover Tampa’s games, not Colorado’s. But with NHL LIVE™, you can watch all the games of team Colorado.

Stanley Cup Finals Live

Final Recommendation

Now, you may ask if you should purchase the NHL Pass to watch Stanley Cup Finals live stream. Well, I will say, if you’re an Out-of-the-Market fan, then it’s definitely worth subscribing. However, as there isn’t much time left for this season, we recommend you purchase the monthly plan. It will cost you lower than other plans, and you can finish the season too.

How to Add Flair to Old Furniture Using Stencils

How to Add Flair to Old Furniture Using Stencils

Create Unique, One of a Kind Pieces of Furniture Using Stencil Designs

If you’re considering refurbishing an old piece of furniture such as a coffee table, using a stencil pattern may be the way to go. Stencils can add a lot of flair and individuality to any piece of furniture – and it’s guaranteed that no one else will ever have the same coffee table; how could they? You practically designed it yourself! Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the right stencil designs for your do it yourself furniture project.

Prior to beginning this project, you will need to purchase sand paper, paint or stain, a stencil brush, and of course – the stencil of your choice.

The first step to refurbishing furniture is to sand it down. This is important because you’ll need to buff out any dents or scratches, as well as get rid of any stains or imperfections on the wood (or other surface.) It will take some work to sand down a larger piece of furniture, but this is an important step and shouldn’t be skipped.

Create Unique, One of a Kind Pieces of Furniture Using Stencil Designs

Once you’ve finished sanding down the furniture, it’s time to apply the first coat of stain, or the first coat of paint. Allow each coat to dry properly before applying a second coat (approximately 6 to 8 hours.) This allows the paint or stain to settle in, so you can see the true color once it’s dry rather than while it’s still wet – thus allowing you to decide whether or not you need to apply a second coat.

It may take a few days before you are finally ready for the stencil. During these few days, take time to look around at various arts and craft stores to allow yourself time to find the perfect stencil. If you’re going to be reusing the stencil in a complex design or pattern, consider buying a second stencil (of the same design) in case your first stencil wears down, tears or breaks.

There are thousands of stencils for you to choose from – so don’t settle for the stencil that isn’t perfect. You can also order your stencil from an online retailer. Keep in mind that stencils run a little higher up on the price scale, so don’t be surprised to spend 10 dollars on a stencil that’s only 3 inches by 3 inches.

Once your paint is dry and you’ve got your stencil, it’s time to pour the paint. Use an old dish or a paper paint so you have space to blot the stencil brush out. It’s very important that you use a stencil brush rather than any old paint brush. I also recommend using paint specially designed for stencils, rather than any old paint. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort if you purchase the proper paints and brushes ahead of time, rather than trying to save a few extra pennies purchasing regular brushes and paint.

Old Furniture Using Stencils

When applying the stencil, tape it down securely on all 4 sides with tape. This will prevent the stencil from moving around and ruining your pattern or design. If you’re doing a border, you may want to allow each stencil to dry individually. This is a pain, but it’s the best approach to keep yourself from ruining the pattern.

After the stencil paint has been allowed to dry, it’s always a good idea to apply a clear coat to protect your furniture. You can purchase this for fairly cheap at local arts and craft stores and it comes in a can similar to spray paint.

Adding a stencil is a great way to add unique flair to any piece of furniture. It’s a fantastic way for you to ensure that your furniture is truly you.

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming from Canada

NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming

Toronto Raptors participated in this year’s NBA tournament from Canada. Therefore, you must be excited for the finals of this exciting basketball event. But do you know how to watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming in Canada? If yes, then great; if not, you’re about to find out.

Canada has a massive basketball fan base. Besides, a lot of legends came out from this great country. Continue reading to know how you can watch the whole NBA 2021 season from anywhere in Canada.

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming in Canada

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming in Canada

TSN will telecast the NBA 2021 finals in Canada. The Sports Network or TSN is a sports-oriented channel in Canada. It has been covering most of the major American sports events for Canadians for a long time. The previous NBA season was also streamed on TSN. This year it will remain the same.

All the popular cable network providers, including Bell, Shaw Direct, and Belt, offer TSN. If you have one of these connections at your home, find the channel on your TV. They offer both HD & SD channels. Watching the game on HD should be a great experience.

Besides, you also can enjoy the NBA Finals through IP TV. TSN is available for streaming on Bell, OptikTV, SaskTel, and a few other IP TV services. It’s great that you have so many options to watch TSN.

Moreover, TSN also offers a mobile app for smartphone users. With this app, you can watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming on your phone from anywhere. You may not always be in front of the TV to watch the game. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss the action of basketball.

To watch the game, you have to login into the TSN app with the information of your TV network provider. You don’t need to pay any extra money. However, if you don’t have any satellite connection, you also can subscribe to TSN. The subscription fee is $24.99 per month.

Watch NBA Finals on NBA TV App

Watch NBA Finals on NBA TV App

The National Basketball Association offers an app for basketball fans to watch NBA games. Besides the USA, the app is also available in Canada. So, you can subscribe to the NBA for live streaming of the NBA finals.

NBA TV is quite inexpensive. It will cost you only $1.99 per month. With this little money, you can watch the whole tournament on NBA TV. Moreover, you’ll also have access to previous year’s games. You can watch them anytime, anywhere.

Toronto Raptors in NBA

Toronto Raptors is the only basketball team from Canada to participate in the NBA. Due to the Covid situation in Canada, the Raptors were not allowed to play in their home country. So, they played their home game in Tampa. And unluckily, they haven’t done well. Later they were eliminated from the tournament. So, sadly, no Toronto Raptors in the 2021 NBA Finals. But you can always support some other excellent teams.

Final Words

Besides the NBA TV app, TSN is the only option to watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming in Canada. You’ve got multiple options to access the TV channel. We’ve explained everything above in the article. Select the one best suits you.

How to Refill a Staple Gun?

How to Refill a Staple Gun

A staple gun is a good handy tool to push the small nail brads or metal staples into a thick material such as wood, paper, plastic, or fiber material. Staple guns come in various features such as pneumatic models, electric or manual models, and their needs.

No matter your purpose of having a staple gun, you always need to load the staple gun before using the gun. Suppose you have the best staple gun for picture framing and you want to load staples, then follow the below easy steps to load the staple gun.

Steps to refill the staple gun

Steps to refill the staple gun
Steps to refill the staple gun

Here, we will share the method of refilling two popular staple guns, manual and electric staple guns, that are widely used. Learn from the below tips and reload your best staple gun for picture framing perfectly.

Steps to refill Manual staple gun

Steps to refill Manual staple gun
Steps to refill Manual staple gun
  • First of all, locate the pusher rod, point the gun to make it able to see the area where the nails come out from facing away from you.  After that see at its back, you will see a small metal rectangle with two indentations on the sides. Find the small hook at the bottom or top of that; it is the release button for the pusher rod.
  • Now see the rod; if the hook is on its top, then push the rod forward and down by placing your thumb and forefinger in the indentations on both sides of the pusher rod. But if the pusher rod is on the bottom, then push it forward and up to remove.
  • After that refill, the staples, make the staples in a position that legs should in the down position and set them at the proper place in the chamber. Allow the staples to slide forward in the section; you can also add more staples according to your need, but do not fill it entirely; leave 1 cm space in the chamber for better use.
  • Now load the pusher rod back into the staple gun, keep the pusher rod in a straight position and then push it into the staple gun’s chamber and hook up at its proper place. It is better to take a trial and use two or three staples to know it’s working.

Steps to refill Electric Staple gun

If you have an electric staple gun, then follow below easy steps to refill the staples.

  • Start with unplugging the staple gun; it is necessary to make it safe for work; locate the trigger lock. You will see it behind the trigger, and it is to release staple. Try to shift the lock on the right or left side and then press it toward the trigger to lock the trigger in the proper place.
  • Next to that, find the magazine release button to release the clip to hold the staples in their correct place. See the rear portion of the staple gun from the bottom side. You will see two small indentations on both sides of the stapler to pull and squeeze.
  • Now place your thumb and forefinger on both sides of the release and press it to pull it out. You will see the magazine released, and you will get access to a compartment underneath the gun to place the staples.
  • Refill the row of staples in the compartment but keep their legs facing up toward you and then push them to slide toward the front portion of the staple gun.
  • Now load the staples by pushing the load brads button and then hook up the magazine inside the staple by moving release forward.

Final Thoughts

A staple gun is a useful handy tool to push the metal nails on harder surfaces. But after use, you need to refill the staple gun. It is pretty easy; we have shared the simple methods to refill two popular types of staple guns.

Watch US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream Free on Social Media Sites

Watch US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream Free on Social Media Sites

Once, social media sites were only used for communicating with acquaintances. But over time, these sites expanded their operation. And the best thing is that they also allow live video streaming. Therefore, many fans will offer the US Open Golf 2021 live stream through their pages and groups. So, if you love to browse Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other sites, you can watch the event there too. Continue reading till the end to know-how.

How to Watch the US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream on Social Media Sites

These media sites are not official broadcasters of the game. Hence they won’t stream the tournament. But the people who use these sites will offer free streaming. However, it’s a bit tough to find such channels. Hence, you have to do a little bit of searching before the event. Following sites will stream the US Open Golf Championship live:



Facebook is the largest and most popular social media site in the world today. Though they go through several controversies, the popularity hasn’t been less. You’ll find a massive number of golf fans on this site. Many of them will also stream the tournament from their groups.

Now the question is how to find such groups and pages. Well, if you do that before the event, then it’s better. Search “US Open” or “Golf Fans” group on Facebook and join them. During the event, type “US Open Golf 2021 live stream”  on the search box, and you should find some live streaming.


Following the success of Facebook, Twitter also offers live video streaming. Many sports fans took this opportunity to stream their favorite events. The same applies to the US Open Golf. Again search the live stream of 2021 US Open Golf on Twitter, and you’re ready to join the adventurous journey of golf.



Reddit is very popular among Americans. If you have a Reddit account, search where to watch the US Open Golf live for free. You’ll find that a lot of people have answered the question already. If you don’t find any, ask the question from your account. Many other fans will help you to find the appropriate link.


Facebook owns Instagram. So like Facebook, Instagram also offers free live streaming. Though only creators have this feature, anyone can watch it live. You’ll find a lot of golf pages on the site. Select the one who promises to stream the game live and tune into that page on the event day.



Pinterest won’t stream the US Open live, but it can help to get free streaming links. The main purpose of Pinterest is to attract visitors with excellent photos and direct them to the website. So, you can find some pins that will lead you to the US Open Golf 2021 live stream sites.

Final Thoughts

If you’re watching the event through social media, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Buffering between shots will be annoying. Among all the options, Facebook is best to watch the US Open Golf 2021 live stream. Due to its billions of users, fans prioritize this giant social media site.

How to Make a Trio Night Vision Digital Camera/Video Camera/Viewer

How to Make a Trio Night Vision Digital Camera

The lowest price tag that can be found on a pair of night vision goggles is $80. A pair that can snap pictures is even higher, and video cameras are by far the most expensive. The price of a night vision camera is usually too high for the average person. Luckily, it is very simple to create a night vision camera/scope, and can usually be assembled using parts lying around the house.

A night vision camera can be used for many things: to monitor a dark room secretly, to play night time airsoft or paintball, to see when hunting at night, etc. Just be sure to use the camera for moral reasons, and don’t break any laws.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Step 1: Obtain a camera. Any camera, whether digital, film, or video will work – even cell phone cameras will work. However for the purpose of this project, I highly recommend using the Vistaquest 5015 5.1 megapixel digital camera. The reason for this is because it is very light, has a small LCD screen (necessary for goggle feature), can take pictures or record decent video (minus sound) for more than an hour on a 512 SD card, and is very cheap ($25USD). Again, you can use any camera, but I highly recommend this one – this project will assume this is what you’re using.

Step 2: Once you have obtained the camera, you will need to turn it into an infrared camera. This is very easy to do.

Simply unscrew the case and carefully remove the lens. You will find a small infrared filter. Most have a small piece of plastic, others have a film. Peel off the plastic, or scratch off the film. Place the lens back in, and screw the camera back together. This is necessary because the camera will now record infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, read more from here.

Step 3: Make the light. What we will do is create an infrared flash light. Infrared light is invisible to the eye, but the camera will now sense it because we have removed the infrared filter.

To make the light, we have one of two options. The first one is very simple. Find a remote, or purchase one. You will see one or two sensors in the front. If there is one, and it doesn’t light up, than that is the infrared emitter. Holding a button will cause the remote to emit a stream of infrared light like a flashlight. If there is a blinking red light, it is just for show. You can either remove it, or place a piece of black wiring tape over it.

The other option is to install infrared LEDS. This is fairly easy. They can be bought at Radioshack. Simply solder the wires to the battery connector to power them. Note that these will have a short field of illumination.

Step 4: Get an eye viewer. By eye viewer, I mean something like you’d see on a camcorder. That type is ideal. However, you simply need concave lens, so that you can have your eye close to the screen and still be able to see it. The easiest way to get this is to purchase a cheap pair binoculars, separate the two scopes, reverse it, and then attach it over the LCD on the camera. This should cover the entire screen, so that no light can escape. You should now be able to the screen, but no light can get out.

Step 5: Turn on the camera, go to a dark room, and look in the scope. Press and hold a button on the remote and point it at something. You should now see the bright stream of light in the dark room. You can record the video by pressing the power button on the camera.

The Greatest Car a Boy Could Ever Have

The Greatest Car a Boy Could Ever Have

My first car was a piece of junk. It was a red Ford minivan, and I hated it. When my brother turned sixteen, I was only too happy to learn my parents were giving him the van and I was to receive my grandmother’s car. Sounds kind of crazy right? You don’t know my grandmother.

Her car was a 1995 Cadillac SLS with the limited edition black roof. Oh baby! It was silver and grey and roomy as could be. The interior was black leather and on a hot day your body would stick to the seats like non other. But this didn’t bother me. To me, this car was a chariot of mythological proportions, click here for more info.

The Greatest Car

When I first showed up at school in my new ‘Pimp-Mobile’ as my friends soon began calling it, I was the envy of many of the students in my class. I went to a private school, so many students drove fancy, expensive cars. But here I come in this sleek grey Cadillac with enough room inside for a full party and man, you should have seen their faces! They couldn’t believe it!

While I was the first person in my group of friends to get my license, I was rarely the one picked to drive. What cool sixteen year old wants to be seen driving up in a Minivan? Not my friends! But when I got my Cadillac, all this changed. It got horrible millage, but my friends were more than happy to put a couple bucks in for the ride. It was smoother than silk, and when you pressed the peddle to the floor it shot forward like a cannon ball. Many a memorable night was spent cruising in Loretta, as I called my Cadillac. I even made a mix CD of songs about Cadillacs to play while we cruised.

Some of my best memories are of times spent in Loretta. Dates with my then girlfriends, as well as great times with my brothers are come back to me now, almost 6 years after I gave her up. By the end she was in pretty bad shape. Not on the outside as I kept her looking as good as the day she rolled off the belt, but the parts began to wear away. By the time I was 20 it was time to say goodbye. I miss that car, and I still would love to drive a Cadillac again.

Buying Furniture Through Furniture Rental/Leasing Programs

Buying Furniture Through Furniture Rental

A Look at 6 Inherent Dangers

Renting and leasing furniture can be defined as closely the same thing, if not the same thing. The one difference could be that a leasing program charges a bit less for the furniture than a rental program. Nonetheless, both programs function about the same. Both are designed to let you use the furniture while you make payments for a particular amount of time. Here are some dangers to consider before deciding to go this route when trying to furnish your home:


Weekly payments. Many rental/leasing companies require weekly payments, rather than monthly, running your bill up quickly. This means that if you rent/lease a sofa for $10 per week, you actually pay $40 per month for a large number of months. (Saving this amount of money per week and then purchasing a sofa outright with cash will save lots of dollars.)

Limits on late payments. Some companies limit you on the amount of times that you can pay late. So, if your paychecks sometime fail to come regularly, this is something to think about. Paying late too many times can warrant the company picking the merchandising up, claiming that you defaulted on the rental/lease agreement. If this happens, you’ve lost the money you’ve paid in on your items. To know more about the furniture rental, read here:

Daily late fees. Regardless of whether you pay weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, many rental/lease stores charge late fees by the day. This means you will pay the designated late fee times the number of days you were late in paying. (For instance, if the standard late fee is $2.00, you only have one contract, and you were 3 days late in paying, you would owe an additional $6.00.)

Multiple late fees. Many furniture rental/lease plans set up the agreements so they can maximize late charges when a customer pays late. For instance, if you rent/lease a sofa and a dinette table on the same day, you will pay only one total when you go in to make your payment. Don’t let this fool you, though. Many companies set the agreements up per item. In other words, the sofa is on one contract agreement and the dinette table is on another contract agreement. What does this mean for you, the customer? It means nothing if you never pay late. However, if you pay late, the company usually charges late fees by the day. So, if the late fee is $2.00 per day, and you have two contracts, you pay $4.00 in late fees per day. This adds up to a whopping $28 in late fees for only 1 week.

Delivery charges and insurance. While many companies claim free delivery and promote the fact that your furniture is insured when you rent/lease it, don’t necessarily believe this. You likely pay for both in your weekly payments.

Set locations. Rental/leasing companies usually indicate in the agreement that you cannot move the furniture from one location to another without their approval. Even more, they will often come move it for you just to make sure that you don’t leave the state with it.

Preview Procedures for Live Auctions: Guide to Attending Live Sales

Preview Procedures for Live Auctions

Doing well at an auction doesn’t mean simply showing up and bidding. A smart buyer takes time to learn about the items ahead of time, takes time to become an informed bidder rather than an emotional bidder. Most auctions have a preview, and they are a great help in preparation. The preview may simply be an hour or two before the auction starts, or it may be a day or two before the auction. If the preview time is not listed in the auction ad, contact the auctioneer or auction house for the information.

Purpose and Materials

Purpose and Materials

Many auctions now provide some pictures online, but these pictures are limited in both number and detail. They are useful for determining if you have questions and whether or not you want to check the auction in person, but they cannot replace the information or fun of the hands-on approach.

The preview allows an opportunity to see everything that’s being offered, something only higher end auctions do online. While auctioneers try to put the best items online, they may well miss a treasure, or simply an item that happens to attract you. This is also time to judge quality and condition. Some items look much better in person, some much better in the pictures. Size is especially difficult to judge online

For the preview, the essentials are a notebook and pen and a magnifying glass, preferably all small enough to fit into your pocket. A camera is not a bad idea, especially if the preview is at least a day before the auction. Some auctioneers may object to the camera, but most don’t mind. As you gain experience, you may want to take a portable blacklight, which can be useful for determining the age and composition of some glass, as well as for spotting repairs. We have provided you detail about auctions; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.

Making the Rounds

Based on the ad, you will probably have a few things already in mind that you want to look at, but take the time to look through everything, even at least a glance at things you think you have no interest in at all. For some things, the auction may be your only chance to get a look at one in person. Allow yourself some child-like fascination at this stage.

As you go through the items, jot down notes about which ones you’re interested in, their condition, questions you may want to ask, and the price you’d be willing to bid. This last item is particularly important because it helps you avoid too much emotional bidding. Bidders have been know to let emotion and competition raise the price well beyond sensible value, something you don’t want to explain to your spouse later.

After the first time around, do it again. Although you may focus more on items already on your list, this also increases the odds that you’ll spot a treasure (even if it’s only a treasure to you). However, the main goal in this second round is to look even closer at items of interest to consider quality and condition.

When checking condition, use your hands as well as your eyes. Running your fingers lightly around an object can pick up irregularities it’s all to easy to miss otherwise. Be patient. This extra time also helps determine which items simply appealed to you because they were bright or odd and which ones have a more enduring interest. It’s okay to buy things that you’ll end up selling in a year or two, but you don’t want to pay too much.

Special Procedures

Special Procedures

Be very careful with lids and handles. Before picking an item up, it’s best to remove the lid and set it aside. If the lid is taped in place, you should still put your hand over it to make sure it stays in place. Also, never pick an item up by the handle. That may be what it’s for, but it’s a bad way to discover that the handle was cracked. But down your investigative tools, and use both hands.

Always put items back where you got them. This is especially true of “box lots” (numerous items, usually of lesser value, all put into one lot). Auctioneers usually try to sort what goes into different boxes, either to gather similar items or to create a variety of interest. Others at the preview will be noting what is in which box, and it’s not fair to move items around.

As with so many things, common sense and courtesy are excellent guides. Since these previews are also social events, those guides will serve just as well when dealing with the other viewers. Take your time, and enjoy the experience.

Web Based Change Management System

Web Based Change Management System

A web based change management system can assist a company improve their business operations in many ways. By making used of advanced ticket tracking technology, any change processed by the system can be used to later formulate reports that can show the strengths and weaknesses of a company or organization at any given time. The ticket tracking system also allows for easy access to new projects by searching for the latest projects. This allows employees to deal with their projects from the newest to the oldest, or from oldest to the newest active, depending on what they need to do.

Change Management System

By using a four step process, CME’s web based change management system allows employees to work while avoiding long meetings and unnecessary run around in the office. The first step of the four step process is the Initiation phase. This is where an employee, manager or business owner fills in a form on the website regarding the project. This is where information such as the basic and in depth descriptions of the project are filled in, as well as the estimated time frame for completion and the group that needs to be assigned this project. When this is completed, the project is passed to the approval phase. This is when the automated e-mail notification system messages every member of the assigned group to inform them that there is a new project that needs to be reviewed and processed. During this phase, the employees will discuss what guidelines and specifications should be put in place for the project. This is the phase that primarily helps avoid the run around and long, unnecessary meetings, click here for more info.

When this is completed, the members of the group will approve it and pass the project to the Implementation phase. The Implementation phase is where the project is made into a reality through use of the guidelines and specifications refined in the approval phase. When the Implementation phase is completed, the project is passed to the Confirmation phase. During this stage of the process, the members of the assigned group will review the project and make sure all of the specifications were reached. This is the quality control phase. If the project does not pass, it is sent back to previous stages to make sure it is carried out properly. If it is deemed completed, the project is pulled out of the active queue and dropped into the history, where it will be used for records.