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Scott Tennant is considered as one of the world’s favourite artist. His unique arts make you wonder. Be part of his art gallery and explore his startling works. He does believe that one should nurture his creativity and unleash his latent talent. He understands artwork should be as individual as we are. His amazing art gallery takes you into a new world of art.

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Scott Tennant Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Scott Tennant in Alaska. Our mission is to exhibit our artworks by participating in art fairs. Scott Tennant Art Gallery works with current and new artists. We are always stand by helping them who want to build their career as an artist. We are dedicated to bringing the artist’s latent talent out. We try to make our each and every artwork as a unique so that it can easily draw the visitors attention.

Scott Tennant began his career as a Kindergarten Teacher at Aurora Elementary School. He loves to pass his time with kids and love to art. So he chose his career in such a way so that he would get enough time to concentrate on his artworks. He is enthusiastic about helping new artists. Scott Tennant earned his B.F.A. and M.F.A degrees at the University Of Alaska Fairbanks. He is a permanent member of the National Gallery of Art.

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Museum of Modern Art.


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Art Institute of Chicago.

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Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Scott Tennant in Alaska. Our mission is to exhibit our artworks by participating in art fairs.

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How to Make a Key From a Lock of a Car Lost Key?

How to Make a Key From a Lock of a Car Lost Key

There is no such problem that does not have a proper solution. We have known that duplicate keys can be made from the keys. But if you lost the keys and did not have another key, how will you get the duplicate key for your lock?

When you are ready to go to your office and reach your car, you have lost the key to your car lock.

Your lock is perfect, and you do not want to replace that lock. What will be an option for you? No need to worry, It is a minor problem, and 24 hour locksmith Jacksonville FL can make keys to your lock.

Read our article How to make a key from a lock of a car lost key we will share details about how a locksmith can make a key for your car lock?

How to make a key from a lock of a car lost key?

How to make a key from a lock of a car lost key

There are some methods that a locksmith used to make a key from the lock of a car lost key; please read them carefully.

First Method:

The first method is to crack the code of the lock. It means to understand the pins in the lock that make the code of your car lock.

For that purpose, you need to disassemble the lock, and then a locksmith will be able to crack the code of the lock. It will help him make a key for your car lock.

While you disassemble and assemble the lock again, it will take more time, but it will be easy for the locksmith to make a perfect key for your car lock.

Second Method:

The second method is known as making the impression of the locks, and it requires a skilled professional locksmith. What will he do? He will insert a blank key in the lock and turn it; when he puts force, there will leave some marks on the lock inside pins’ blank key.

He will make some pins on the key and will enter it again and note the new marks and make them. For this method, a locksmith needs to enter and make the pins on crucial again and again. After many repetitions, duplicate keys will make.

It doesn’t look easy, but the good thing about impression-making is that you do not need to disassemble the lock.

But there is a problem; a key made by this method irritates and creates a problem at the start. You need to put more force into turning them in the starting days.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

You have gone through our article on Making a key from a lock of a car lost key where we have shared two methods that a locksmith used to make a key for your car lock.

If you love your perfect lock and do not want to replace that lock, then you should go with these methods and try a duplicate key for your car lock. It will not save your old lock but also save you money.

How to get a Medical Cannabis Growing License?

How to get a Medical Cannabis Growing License

Marijuana or cannabis plant has many medically proved benefits. It provides you relief from chronic pain, neuro problems, and mental problems and for sleep.

So, by keeping in view the importance of cannabis, most states in America have allowed its people to grow marijuana for their personal use.

But in some states, there is a need to get a license for your personal use too. But do you know it can be a good profitable business for you?

If you plan to sell cannabis for medical purposes, you must get a license from your state to grow cannabis plants.

Due to some harmful effects, such as people taking it as a drug, there are restrictions on its cultivation and open sale.

Stay here with us; we will guide you on how to get a medical cannabis growing license in our below content.

Steps to Getting a medical cannabis growing license:

Steps to Getting a medical cannabis growing license

If you plan to grow cannabis plants, then follow these steps, you will get medical cannabis growing license with ease and without any rejection.

• First of all, read your state law about the cultivation of cannabis plants. When you have thoroughly read your state’s laws about its growth, then complete all the formalities.
• It is only allowed to a person who is above 12 years ago. People under 21 cannot grow marijuana plants for sale purposes.
• Visit a practitioner doctor to get a prescription certificate for growing plants of cannabis. The doctor will mention the quantity of marijuana in the prescription that you should grow.
• Once you have got the prescription from the doctor, then go for the application of marijuana cultivation. And pay a fee for the application and license. But in some states, there is no fee for the license.
• You need to fill the form with all the required details, and please fill the form in a real sense. Never try to write fake information; otherwise, you can face many problems in the future.
• No need to worry; if you have filled form properly and get a prescription from the doctor, you will get the medical marijuana growing license within two weeks or before.
• There is no limit on the cultivation of plant quantity. The quantity your doctor writes in the prescription certificate more the number of plants you can grow in your fields.

While you have got the license, try to sell only for a medical purpose; otherwise, your doctor will cancel your license and do not grow more than the prescribed quantity.

You may find a variation in license getting in different states, but the differences will be minor. All the basic formalities will be the same as the above we provided.

The marijuana plant has many benefits, but it can also cause social problems when people take it as a drug. So, a license for sale purposes is necessary.

Among the fifty states of America, 33 states allowed its residents to grow marijuana for personal use. While other seventeen states do not allow its cultivation even for personal use until you provide them a prescription from a doctor for growing it for personal use.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

The marijuana plant has many medical benefits, and most of the states allowed its cultivation for personal purposes.

But some states banned even for the personal needs you need a license. But if you want to grow a cannabis plant for sale purposes, you should get a license for it.

We have provided all the details in our article on how to get a medical cannabis growing license; follow these steps, and get your license.

How to Get a Replacement Master Lock Key?

automotive locksmith

If you are searching for better security, then there is no suitable match for you other than master locks?

When we face a problem with a master lock, we may confuse getting the duplicate key. We cannot get a replacement key for our master locks locally.

What can we do now? No need to worry; you can get the replacement key of your master lock from the manufacturer.

The process to get the replacement key for your lock is relatively easy; just stay with us at our article on how to get a replacement master lock key and know about it.

What is a Master Lock?

What is a Master Lock

Before going towards the process of a replacement key, we should know about the master lock.

Master lock is a well-known brand that offers complete security for your valuable products in various styles. It provides different locks types that make you secure and protective from theft and other effects such as security against fire in your factory etc.

There is no better security option than master locks, but there can some waves, such as they got junked and make problems in their unlocking.

How to get a replacement master lock key?

How to get a replacement master lock key

You see that your master lock key has been lost then, do not worry if you cannot get its replacement locally. Follow the below simple process and get your replacement key for the master lock.

The most important and helpful thing in your master lock and its key is the number of the key you have for your master lock.

Without a master key number, you can never get the replacement key for your master lock. Note the number on your master key and write it on some paper.

You do not have a key with you, then how can you get the number of keys? Don’t worry; just go with your lock’s packaging; you will find the key number in the packaging.

If you have a key, but you do not have a package for that, and your key is also blank, you should visit a locksmith to help you find the number of your master lock key.

Once you have got the master key number, contact the manufacturer and place an order for your master key by providing the number to them.

You will get by post within a week or before. If you know well about the key, you can also purchase your key from the manufacturer’s website.

There is another chance that you have lost the key, and you do not have the packaging, then you will need to hire a professional automotive locksmith Columbus Ohio, who is offering master lock impression services and take an impression of your lock.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Master locks are the most secure lock globally, but there are problems like other locks such as key loss.
You find that local replacement for the key is not possible, so we have provided you with ways to get your master lock replacement key in the above article.

We hope you have gotten a clear idea from our article on how to get a replacement master lock key?

How to Paint a Two Story House Exterior

How to Paint a Two Story House Exterior

Everybody will agree that no matter how beautiful your house’s building, it looks beautiful after paint.

While you paint your houses, it completely changes the look of your house. You can hire professional painters for your house.

But if you have spent much money on the building and now you do not have enough budget for painting services, how you will arrange paint for your house.

You decided to paint your house yourself, but you find it difficult to paint your two-story house. No worry, we will guide you with some techniques to paint your two stories house with ease, check here.

Please stay with us at our content about painting a two-story house exterior to seek guidance from us.

How to paint a two story house exterior:

How to paint a two story house exterior

Some simple steps will help you to complete your two-story house with ease.

Steps to paint your two-story house exterior?

• Before everything, arrange tools for paint. You need good quality paint, paint roller extension pole, paint roller, drop clothes; paintbrushes paint tray, sandpaper, and painter’s tape. For your two stories, you should rent a boom truck.
• Clear your possible hazards, such as trees, electrical wires, and telephone lines.
• Prepare the surface that needs to paint, prepare the surface, clear all the dirt and hurdles from the painting area. If you feel difficulty in cleaning the surface, you should try power wash for better cleaning.
• First, use the ladder to paint the lower areas of the building that you can paint easily.
• When you have pain all the area where your ladder can reach, now use a boom truck for the upper side of the story. But there, you need to be careful, do not overload the boom truck more than 500 pounds.
• Stand in a balanced way in the boom truck’s bucket and keep all the necessary items with you in the bucket. Maybe you feel difficulty starting to stand in a boom truck, but you will easily handle the situations with some practice.
• Now use your ladder again on the surface that needs to be painted. Move boom truck step by step and complete all the paintings.
• When you are painting, keep in mind there no spot left unpainted. It is a better idea to paint a double coat on the walls. If there is any spot left or there is some deficiency, then you should roll the bladder in that place.
• Leave the surface for some hours and recheck it. Your two-story house exterior has been painted.

Final Thoughts:

Two Story House Exterior

Paint gives life to our new and old houses. Suppose you have a house that is constructed years ago.

But now you want its fresh look; then paint is the best option for you. With some renovation, you can paint your house, and you will get a fresh look at your house.

If you have fewer budgets, then take help from our above content on painting a two-story house exterior and painting your two-story house by yourself.

How are Outdoor Security Cameras Powered?

How are Outdoor Security Cameras Powered

Everybody wants the security of his property and valuable things. The ratio of theft and crimes increasing day by day. You need to keep the proper monitoring of your house and properties.

To make things more safe and secure, people hire security guards. But security guards sometimes become careless, and you may face loss.

What you need that ensures maximum security and does not remain careless anytime. The solution to your problem is a security camera.

You should install Security cameras in your houses and make your valuable items safe from theft. You can install security cameras inside and outside of your house.

Among security cameras, modern security cameras are now becoming popular and replacing old security cameras.

How can you power your WI-FI security cameras? We will guide you about how are outdoor security cameras powered?

How you can power your outdoor security Camera:

How you can power your outdoor security Camera

Wireless security cameras are now replacing wired cameras due to their more facilities than wired security cameras.

Wired Cameras can quickly determine by thieves, and they can stop recording by cutting their wire. But wireless cameras have an advantage over them.

You surely need to power your outdoor security cameras. There are two most popular ways to power your outdoor security camera.

  1. Wireless transmitter System
  2. Batteries system

Wireless Transmitter System:

Wireless Transmitter System

It is a simple and most convenient way of powering your outdoor security camera. You can place this wireless transmitter anywhere in your house or outside.

It should keep at a distance from where the camera can be powered. Its range varies from the transmitter to the transmitter.

But the recommended average range of the wireless transmitter is 100 to 150 feet. But a good quality transmitter can also power your cameras from 250 to 450 feet.

Your Outside security camera will get power from that transmitter without any means of wired connections.

Batteries System:

The second method to power your outdoor security camera is the battery system. You can connect the camera to the battery with adapter support.

But you do not need to develop this system in your security cameras because most of the new camera already has this system.

What do you need to check? It is a good thing if you check the batteries for your security cameras. Always try to choose the best battery for your security camera.

A lithium-ion battery is the best choice for your security cameras. It will ensure a long-lasting and better quality during use.

You should check the batteries every week to ensure that they are correctly charged and working.

Final Thoughts:

Your outdoor security camera is your best security guard that will help you to keep your valuable items and properties safe from theft.

A wireless security camera is one of the best choices for you than wired security cameras. You can easily hide and place them.

You can easily power your security cameras with wireless transmitter and batteries. We hope our article how are outdoor security cameras powered? Helpful for you.

How to Estimate Car Repairs

How to Estimate Car Repairs

When a car has gotten damaged, you need to repair it. You have to spend money. But most people don’t know how to estimate car repairing. Anyone feels anxiety about this.

Proper estimation can help you to make the right decision. Don’t worry about car repairing estimation. Here are some simple and useful tips for estimating costs. It will give you peace of mind and also visit here for more.

Some steps for estimating car repairing

Some steps for estimating car repairing

Step 1: Find out what you need to repair:

Firstly you have to find out the damaging side. Then it would help if you asked the mechanic about the hidden damage. Sometimes you can`t see the worst damage in your car. A good mechanic will check and ensure the damage. It will help you to take a suitable estimation.

Step 2: Find an auto shop:

It is the most crucial part of selecting a perfect auto shop. If you want to get a quality estimate and work, you will find it. An auto shop can provide you a high standard of quality. You can research the part of the driver. There is always some difference between the two auto shops. Mechanics are not equal.

Step 3: Make an appointment:

Once you find a reliable auto shop, then you can make an appointment right away very fast. A quicker appointment is helpful for better estimation.

Estimate Car Repairs

Step 4: Get multiple Estimates:

The mechanic can research thoroughly. Then the mechanic will give you an estimation. It is their good job. Sometimes the mechanic can get more damage. Then you will get multiple estimates.

Step 5: Negotiate if necessary:

If the price does not seem to suit the repairs, you will not hesitate to speak up. It would help if you negotiated for the products. The mechanic wants to work with someone reasonable.

And they know what mechanic wants. Don’t be worried. You can make a conversation that can prevent another trip back to the shop. If they want much price, you can take another option.

Step 6: Shouldn`t only consider the price:

Your goal is to get the job done at a reasonable price. But you must concern about the quality. Cheaper providers use cheaper parts. The parts are not durable.

So you should spend money on a long one. You will try to prevent further damage. It will help if you are concerned about the quality work. Then you can finalize the deal with the price for repairing.

Step 7: Don’t let the insurance late:

Insurance is an unwieldy opponent. Car insurance is especially difficult. Inspectors of insurance companies try to delay repairs unnecessarily. Sometimes it will take up to more than 7 days.

It is not wise to wait for them. If you enable to pay, you will take it to the auto shop. It may be possible to get the insurance company to reimburse. When the goal is expediency and affordable, you should go for it.

These steps are helpful for car repairing estimation. You feel cool and calm to follow the steps. Try to maintain the above tips and suggestions. It is a necessary factor in the car repairing industry. Learn and gather knowledge!

How do I know if my Run Flat Tyre is Punctured?

How do I know if my Run Flat Tyre is Punctured

If you like to drive vehicles, then you are familiar with this question. Tire is the most important part of a vehicle. So if it is punctured, you have to face many difficulties. Today, in this article, I will discuss how I know if my run flat tyre is punctured?

These tyres are intended to stay protected and useful temporarily with no pneumatic force. That implies, in case of a cut, you can keep traveling for fifty-five miles without replacing the tire — which might be enough to get you to your destination.

How does the tyre perform?

In contrast to ordinary tires, which expect air to remain strong, these tires have a fortified sidewall, which means they remain inflexible with no pneumatic force.

Again, the strengthened external shell of these tires contains the elastic set up without air. It supports the vehicle to complete the journey and reach the destination. I think the sidewall won’t be intended to be perpetual and is just suggested for 55 miles of extra moving.

How do I know if my run-flat tire is punctured

How do I know if my run-flat tire is punctured?

All viable vehicles with these tires have a pressure checking framework, which is intended to alarm in case of wastage of pneumatic stress. It is broadly known as the TPMS system.

Without the TPMS framework, it might be practically difficult to distinguish a cut. However, these tires will keep on working in any event when they’re flattened.

The TPMS frameworks show an alarm on the middle support. It tries to tell the drivers that they must quit traveling after 55 miles and look for a tire fix or substitution.

So if you follow these techniques and procedures, you can detect when the run-flat tyre is punctured. You will find this TPMS system very effective and popular all over the world.

Do they last as normal tires?

Run punctured tires utilize similar elastic mixes as customary tires so that you can anticipate a comparative life span. Don’t worry; they are made of almost the same material. Moreover, sometimes you might be get benefitted from run-flat tyres.

Again, run tires may require a similar degree of care and upkeep. They also provide the same quality as normal tires. To put the tires in a great situation, check their weight, profundity, and condition each fortnight. This will guarantee you get the greatest life and quality.

Are these tires repairable?

I will answer – no. You can’t repair them. Many users and drivers are unhappy for this reason. Don’t you know why?
After the run tires are punctured, they lose their structural strength. Again, they lose their auxiliary respectability whenever they’ve been driven on, making them inadmissible for a cut fix.

However, it is the major cons of these tires when compared with normal tyres. Again, on the off chance that they are fixed up, it’s almost certain they’ll penetrate again down the line because of lopsided wear and loss of unbending nature.

Now, you have realized how do I know if my run flat tyre is punctured? You should follow the above tips. Moreover, in case of a cut, you can keep traveling for fifty-five miles without replacing the tire.