How Long Does it take to Make a New Car Key

How Long Does it take to Make a New Car Key?

Have you lost your car key and do not have another set of keys for unlocking the car? Do not worry, you get its replacement easily and very fast.

You do not need to be panic. It will just take a maximum of half an hour to make a replacement key.

But you may find variance in time that depends on the design of the lock and the locksmith’s skills. There is also dependency on the situation and way of duplicate keys.

You can get a new key for your car in a few minutes at, but you will get a better idea after reading our article on how long it takes to make a new car key.

How long does it take to make a new car key?

How long does it take to make a new car key

The answer to that question varies; you may get your key at a different time due to different factors such as key replacement and locks.

Please read the details of ways to make a key with their time below content.

What are the ways of making a new car key?

A locksmith can make your car key by taking their impressions or by reading their codes.

Impression reading means he makes a new key with a blank key, inserts it in the lock, and makes their impressions; it takes many skills and requires more than half an hour to make a key.

Reading code is simple then, but here, a locksmith needs to open the locks’ assembling; it also takes time to make a key for a minimum of thirty minutes.

But if you have a key and want its duplication key, then it is quite simple, and a locksmith will make a new key within ten to thirty minutes.

Skills of the locksmith:

The time for making a new key for your car also depends on the skills of the locksmith. The more he will be an expert, the more quickly he will make your key.

A skilled locksmith can make a lock key within five minutes, and some new locksmith may take more than thirty minutes.

Design of the Lock

Design of the Lock:

If you have a secured and better quality lock that ensures maximum security, it will take no less than thirty minutes.

Sometimes it happens that your locks may take a full day, but there is no exact time estimate for the car lock key.

But we have found the average time for the new car key from the research and from different experts that it takes fifteen to forty-five minutes for locks to make a new key for them.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone has faced the problem of a new key for their locks. It happens with us when we are in a hurry or in an emergency; we may be lost or forget our keys.

But it is helpful for us to know that our new car key does not take much time, and we can get a new key within forty-five minutes, even for more secure locks.

We have provided you some details about the time in our article’s different situation on how long it takes to make a new car key.