How to Lubricate Garage Door Springs

How to Lubricate Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs have a significant contribution to the smooth performance of the garage door. If there is any problem with the springs of the garage door, the balance of the garage door disturbs.

To keep your garage door springs in a better and maintained state, we should lubricate the garage door springs. One who does not adequately maintain the garage door springs always spend money on repair and maintenance.

If you want to improve the life of the garage door and its spring then, properly maintain and lubricate. Lubricating garage door springs looks quite a simple and easy task, but we need to follow proper guidelines from

Why do we need to lubricate garage door springs?

Why do we need to lubricate garage door springs

While opening and closing the door, there creates friction between the springs and the door which, may cause weaken the springs with every use, so to reduce the friction lubrication, is the better option.

When we do not lubricate the garage door springs, it makes noise, so with lubrication, it works smoothly without making any noise.

What does it cost for lubricating the springs?

Mostly we lubricate the spring of the garage door ourselves so, we do not need to pay for the professional services. We only need to pay the amount for the lubricating oil.

Prices of the lubricate oil vary with quality, but an average cost is a maximum of 10 dollars.

How does it long to lubricate the garage door springs?

You can vary the lubrication practice according to the use of your door, but a maximum time for the lubrication with average use is not more than three months.

How to lubricate garage door springs?

How to lubricate garage door springs

It is effortless to lubricate the garage door springs; you need to follow these simple steps.

• First of all, locate the springs of the garage door you will find the springs on the top of the garage door. Make them clean and remove all dust and debris from the springs.
• Once you find the springs, lubricate them entirely and make sure there is no such space that still needs lubrication.
• Now come towards the bearing plates. These bearing plates are the main parts that move circularly on each side of the springs.
• Spray lubricates between spring and these plates and makes sure you have sprayed it well.
• Next to that open, and close the door will spread the grease in all portions of plates and springs.
What needs to do?
• It would help if you used a step ladder to get easy access to plates and springs.
• When checks, you noticed springs are making noise then, grease them, but if you have noticed any broken or damaged springs then, replace the spring and then lubricate.

Final Thoughts:

All the moving metal parts become thinner due to friction. If we do not lubricate the springs of our garage door, they will start making noise and after, some time get damaged
So, for maximum life of the springs, we should lubricate the springs after every three months.