Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL LIVE™ with NHL Pass

How much do you love watching ice hockey? I don’t know about you, but I love it so much. To watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream, I have found NHL LIVE™ very helpful. All you need to do is purchase a pass and enjoy the whole season.

If you want to know about how to get an NHL Pass and watch NHL LIVE™, read this article till the end. Season 2020-21 is ending soon. So, prepare yourself for the ultimate battle of ice hockey.

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL LIVE™

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL LIVE™

NHL LIVE™ is a sports streaming product from the National Hockey League. You can access it through the NHL app and website. Moreover, you can stream all the games on your smartphone, laptop, or other streaming devices. If you purchase the NHL pass for season 2020-21, you’ll be able to watch all the playoff games, and the Stanley Cup Finals live stream.

NHL Pass Price

To buy the pass, you need to go to NHL Live’s official website. There you’ll find different subscription plans based on what time of the season you’re purchasing. As of now, the pass will cost you $74.99. It covers all the remaining games of this season.

Usually, the price at the beginning of the pass costs around $179.99 per season. Early birds can get this only at $159.99 per season with a discount. However, NHL LIVE™ also has a monthly plan that costs only $29.99 per month. In a few of the Canadian cities, there’s also a french package available. It will cost roughly around $53.99 per season.

How Many Devices Can I Connect with One Account?

That’s a very common question from ice hockey fans. If you can’t log in to more than one device, then it’s not worth paying $74.99. But the good thing about NHL LIVE™ is that it allows multiple logins. That means you can log in up to three devices with one NHL Pass. So, if you have a small family, everyone can watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on their own devices.

Supported Devices

NHL LIVE™ is an online streaming platform to watch NHL games. Therefore, you can get access to NHL LIVE™ with almost any device that allows online streaming. Android devices, iOs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc., are able to stream NHL LIVE™. However, you can not stream it on Xbox 360, 2nd gen Apple TV, and Playstation 3.

Out-of-the-Market Games

The key selling point of NHL LIVE™ is it allows you to watch Out-of-the-Market games. That means, suppose you’re living in Tampa, but you’re a fan of Colorado. So, your local television will cover Tampa’s games, not Colorado’s. But with NHL LIVE™, you can watch all the games of team Colorado.

Stanley Cup Finals Live

Final Recommendation

Now, you may ask if you should purchase the NHL Pass to watch Stanley Cup Finals live stream. Well, I will say, if you’re an Out-of-the-Market fan, then it’s definitely worth subscribing. However, as there isn’t much time left for this season, we recommend you purchase the monthly plan. It will cost you lower than other plans, and you can finish the season too.