How to Get Rid Of Water Spots on Your Car

I’m sure it’s happened to you, you’ve found a great set of wheels, but when you get home and inspect them more closely, there are water spots that just won’t come off no matter how hard you scrub. So if this sounds like your situation or if you’re just looking for tips on how to keep your car in good condition before selling it, then read on!

Every car has its own quirks, so we’ll focus on the most common problems people have with their cars, including foggy headlights and dirty carpets. Every Car service will also give some suggestions about what products work well for each problem.

A Toothbrush or Small Scrubbing Brush

A toothbrush or a small scrubbing brush is going to be your best friend when it comes to getting rid of those pesky water spots. Start by wetting the brush with soap and water, and then scrub the water spot until you can’t see it anymore. Next, rinse off the car with clean water, and make sure you dry the car off thoroughly to avoid any water spots forming.

Car wax

Car wax is great for getting rid of any pitting that water spots may have caused. Simply put some car wax on a soft cloth and wipe down the car’s surface until it’s smooth and shiny. Don’t worry if one section looks better than another, and we’ll be covering the whole car today.


Sponges can be used to scrub away any water spots that may have formed. Make sure the sponge is clean and damp, and then scrub the water spot until it’s gone. Rinse off the car with clean water and dry it off completely before continuing your detailing.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are great to use when polishing your car because they leave absolutely no scratches and pick up dust well. They’re also reusable and can be thrown into the washing machine to clean them.

Plastic Bags or Plastic Wrap

This step is optional, but if you want to make sure that no water spots form between waxing and drying, you can cover the paintwork with a sheet of plastic so it doesn’t have time to dry before you apply your car wax. The heat trapped under the plastic will help the polish to dry faster, so you can cover it up and move on to your next section within 5-10 minutes. If you don’t have any plastic wrap or bags lying around, you could also try using a garbage bag instead.

Cleaning Cloth

A clean microfiber cloth is perfect for removing excess wax, but make sure it’s not the same one you used to dry your car off with! If there is any wax left on your cloth, it will just smudge onto other areas of the car.


It’s essential to take care of your car before you sell it. If there are water spots on the surface or the headlights are foggy, people won’t want to buy it because they’ll think that means expensive repairs will be needed soon after purchase. We hope these tips have helped care for your vehicle and clean them up, so they’re ready for sale. Let us know how it goes!