How to Fix a Broken Door Lock

How to Fix a Broken Door Lock?

The broken door lock is not suitable for your house. It is not helping you to prevent your home. If you want to store your things in a safe way fix them as soon as possible.  It should be a necessary and valuable thing while you went out from home. The lock could be broken or unused in two different situations. The first method is the key will be broken inside the door lock. If the piece of key is still in the lock there no way to open the lock. You should remove it open the lock very quickly and safely. The second one is the lock is broken into pieces; in this case, the key is not fitting into it. In this case, the lock is not cooperated to lock the door. You can fix the broken door lock with a few of the easy steps. Here you can discover the steps to fix a broken door lock with less time at You can see varieties of different door. Likewise, there are plenty of verities in the door lock. Because most of the people are wanted to use the lock depends on their door or home design. If the home is built in modern technology, it needs a highly secured, modern, elegant, and decorative locks.

How to remove the broken door lock?

How to remove the broken door lock

Locks your home is a very important part, and this is the only way which is widely used to protect your things. It will help to secure your household things, money, jewels from unauthorized persons. The door lock may damage while it is getting old, manifests, wear, and tear. Most of the locks are water-resistant. But few door locks may damage or jammed while the water occupies the lock. Not all the locks are getting damaged very soon. If you are ready to replace or remove your door lock, definitely there is a need for another lock. Once you fixing the lock only the things are protected from unauthorized persons. Before discard the lock, check the condition of the door. If it is old there is a chance of getting damaged. Use your screw drive or drill to unscrew all the screws which are available on the door lock. Because the screws are the only thing that holds the lock with the door. You should also remove the handle which is inside the door. As you remove both lock and inside door handle, finally remove the latches which are fixed side on the door. Now the lock is removed easily removed from your door.

How to insert the new door lock?

The door latch is always in good condition. So that just buy the new door lock. Place the latch into the door hole. And then fix the door handle and tighten it using the screw. After that fix the lock and tighten all the screws. Make sure all the screws are very strong as well as tighten perfectly. If the screw does not get placed very well, just use the harmer to placing it right. Just give a slight punch on it.