How do you Measure Glass Balustrade for Stairs

How do you Measure Glass Balustrade for Stairs?

Glass balustrade for stairs is necessary to measure if you want to get the right specification. If you do not have a proper measurement, you can order an excessive glass, which is useless for you, or you may order less quantity, which also becomes a hurdle in your task, check here.

So when you are ordering the glass balustrade for stairs, it is essential to take its measurement first and then order the glass’s required length. You may want to use clamped or embedded glass balustrade for your stairs, but no need to worry measurement steps are the same.

How to measure glass balustrade for stairs?

When you need to order the glass balustrade for stairs, you can measure by following these simple steps.

  • Start with measuring the angles of the stairs; it is possible to measure in two ways. You will need an angle finder for taking the angles’ measurements; if you have already, then it’s good; otherwise, purchase a new angle finder to measure the angles.
  • If you do not want to spend money then, there are also options for you to download the free apps for finding the angles of your stairs on your smartphone. Search the angle finder app on the Play store; download any of the apps; after downloading, installs it on your phone.
  • You should measure the angles from the horizontal axis because the angle you will measure is the stairs’ pitch. It is not enough to measure from one place; change your places and measure angles at different locations to confirm that you have measured the stairs’ correct angle.
  • After that, you will need to measure the width; width means that the balustrade’s horizontal length measures from newel face to newel face. You should measure that width parallel to the floor and horizontally.
  • Here I will mention one of the important points to keep in mind; the glass builder measures the glass only for one panel; if you have two panels, you will need to take a separate measurement and more glass for the second panel.
  • In the end, measure the handrail’s height; when you measure the height of the balustrade for stairs, consider the height from the top of the base rail to the downside of the handrail. Never count the total height from the floor.
  • After taking the measurement, place your required glass order with a good brand. I will suggest you cross- verify and take each measurement a minimum of two times because measurement can affect your task. Only the proper measurement ensures the smooth completion of the job.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Glass balustrades are necessary to order according to the correct measurement. If you do not pay attention to the measurement, you will face difficulty even hiring a professional. It will increase your cost, but it will adversely affect your performance if you are doing this job yourself. So always, before ordering the glass balustrade for stairs, take proper measurements as we guide you and then place the order with glass builders.