What is The Best Way to Carpet Stair Treads Only?

In Houston staircase carpeting is a surprisingly easy way of adding warmth and charm to your home. From the stairs leading up to your front door, which is often heavily used by visitors, through to the landing on each floor carpet where you spend time looking out of windows or catching up with the family, carpeted staircases add comfort every day. Carpeted staircases also look good in any house style, from Victorian terraced townhouses with their elegant sweeping flights of steps to modern minimalist homes that have little decoration on show at ground level.

How to Carpet Stair Treads Only?


A lot of people want to carpet their staircase, but they don’t know where to start. Before you even consider buying a pattern, it is important that you have a clear idea of the type of material and, crucially, the measurements required. Some simple steps can be followed if you wish to carpet your stair treads Houston only.

1. Remove the Old Treads

It is important to remove the old treads before installing new ones. Remove the old treads using a crowbar or pry bar (if there is any leftover adhesive). Make sure you wear protective gear, goggles, dust masks and gloves for protection.

2. Measure the Dimensions

Next, pull out your measuring tape and determine the dimensions needed for your new stair treads. Subsequently, cut your material in accordance with the measurements and lay it down on top of each other in order to form a continuous length of material that fits around all four sides of the staircase.

3. Carpet Stair Treads Only

Carpet the treads on one side first, and then wait until dry before measuring for the second half of carpeting and cutting accordingly. You can then fit the other side in turn before installing at the bottom. The final step is to cut the carpet around any newel posts or handrails. It is a good idea to keep a sharp knife or scissors in hand so you can cut around corners and change angles smoothly.

4. Buy a Carpet Stair Treads Only Kit from Hardware Stores

Stair kits are available from most hardware stores, with all the tools and materials necessary for this project. Measure your stairs first, and then buy a kit accordingly.

5. Fix down the Treads

Use a staple gun to fix the carpeting in place. Use a wood block as a buffer between your hand and the sharp staple ends before applying pressure. Pull material taut as you attach it, so it lays flat and is ready for finishing touches, such as skirting boards or edging. You can also finish off by using a heavy-duty anti-slip carpet underlay to give your stairs a more secure, slip-proof finish.

6. Do a Carpet Fittest On the Back of the Carpeting

Make sure you do a fit test first on the underside of your old carpet. Otherwise, if it is too tight or loose, it will create problems for you. When satisfied with the result, use it as a template to make cuts right around each stairway. Use heavy-duty spray glue to sew the carpet to the top side.

7. Keep Clean and Dry

To keep your stairs looking excellent and last as long as possible, apply a stair carpet protector after you have put it down. This will form a barrier against oils and dirt and help to prevent stains and wear, which can happen with ordinary carpets. To keep the surrounding area clean and dry, placemats at the top and bottom of the staircase and in front of all sliding doors.


This article has discussed how to best carpet stair treads and the process for doing so. It has also mentioned necessary tools and materials, as well as provided instructions.  If you are interested, go ahead and try it yourself!