How to Refill a Staple Gun

How to Refill a Staple Gun?

A staple gun is a good handy tool to push the small nail brads or metal staples into a thick material such as wood, paper, plastic, or fiber material. Staple guns come in various features such as pneumatic models, electric or manual models, and their needs.

No matter your purpose of having a staple gun, you always need to load the staple gun before using the gun. Suppose you have the best staple gun for picture framing and you want to load staples, then follow the below easy steps to load the staple gun.

Steps to refill the staple gun

Steps to refill the staple gun
Steps to refill the staple gun

Here, we will share the method of refilling two popular staple guns, manual and electric staple guns, that are widely used. Learn from the below tips and reload your best staple gun for picture framing perfectly.

Steps to refill Manual staple gun

Steps to refill Manual staple gun
Steps to refill Manual staple gun
  • First of all, locate the pusher rod, point the gun to make it able to see the area where the nails come out from facing away from you.  After that see at its back, you will see a small metal rectangle with two indentations on the sides. Find the small hook at the bottom or top of that; it is the release button for the pusher rod.
  • Now see the rod; if the hook is on its top, then push the rod forward and down by placing your thumb and forefinger in the indentations on both sides of the pusher rod. But if the pusher rod is on the bottom, then push it forward and up to remove.
  • After that refill, the staples, make the staples in a position that legs should in the down position and set them at the proper place in the chamber. Allow the staples to slide forward in the section; you can also add more staples according to your need, but do not fill it entirely; leave 1 cm space in the chamber for better use.
  • Now load the pusher rod back into the staple gun, keep the pusher rod in a straight position and then push it into the staple gun’s chamber and hook up at its proper place. It is better to take a trial and use two or three staples to know it’s working.

Steps to refill Electric Staple gun

If you have an electric staple gun, then follow below easy steps to refill the staples.

  • Start with unplugging the staple gun; it is necessary to make it safe for work; locate the trigger lock. You will see it behind the trigger, and it is to release staple. Try to shift the lock on the right or left side and then press it toward the trigger to lock the trigger in the proper place.
  • Next to that, find the magazine release button to release the clip to hold the staples in their correct place. See the rear portion of the staple gun from the bottom side. You will see two small indentations on both sides of the stapler to pull and squeeze.
  • Now place your thumb and forefinger on both sides of the release and press it to pull it out. You will see the magazine released, and you will get access to a compartment underneath the gun to place the staples.
  • Refill the row of staples in the compartment but keep their legs facing up toward you and then push them to slide toward the front portion of the staple gun.
  • Now load the staples by pushing the load brads button and then hook up the magazine inside the staple by moving release forward.

Final Thoughts

A staple gun is a useful handy tool to push the metal nails on harder surfaces. But after use, you need to refill the staple gun. It is pretty easy; we have shared the simple methods to refill two popular types of staple guns.