How to Paint a Two Story House Exterior

How to Paint a Two Story House Exterior

Everybody will agree that no matter how beautiful your house’s building, it looks beautiful after paint.

While you paint your houses, it completely changes the look of your house. You can hire professional painters for your house.

But if you have spent much money on the building and now you do not have enough budget for painting services, how you will arrange paint for your house.

You decided to paint your house yourself, but you find it difficult to paint your two-story house. No worry, we will guide you with some techniques to paint your two stories house with ease, check here.

Please stay with us at our content about painting a two-story house exterior to seek guidance from us.

How to paint a two story house exterior:

How to paint a two story house exterior

Some simple steps will help you to complete your two-story house with ease.

Steps to paint your two-story house exterior?

• Before everything, arrange tools for paint. You need good quality paint, paint roller extension pole, paint roller, drop clothes; paintbrushes paint tray, sandpaper, and painter’s tape. For your two stories, you should rent a boom truck.
• Clear your possible hazards, such as trees, electrical wires, and telephone lines.
• Prepare the surface that needs to paint, prepare the surface, clear all the dirt and hurdles from the painting area. If you feel difficulty in cleaning the surface, you should try power wash for better cleaning.
• First, use the ladder to paint the lower areas of the building that you can paint easily.
• When you have pain all the area where your ladder can reach, now use a boom truck for the upper side of the story. But there, you need to be careful, do not overload the boom truck more than 500 pounds.
• Stand in a balanced way in the boom truck’s bucket and keep all the necessary items with you in the bucket. Maybe you feel difficulty starting to stand in a boom truck, but you will easily handle the situations with some practice.
• Now use your ladder again on the surface that needs to be painted. Move boom truck step by step and complete all the paintings.
• When you are painting, keep in mind there no spot left unpainted. It is a better idea to paint a double coat on the walls. If there is any spot left or there is some deficiency, then you should roll the bladder in that place.
• Leave the surface for some hours and recheck it. Your two-story house exterior has been painted.

Final Thoughts:

Two Story House Exterior

Paint gives life to our new and old houses. Suppose you have a house that is constructed years ago.

But now you want its fresh look; then paint is the best option for you. With some renovation, you can paint your house, and you will get a fresh look at your house.

If you have fewer budgets, then take help from our above content on painting a two-story house exterior and painting your two-story house by yourself.