Home Depot's Behr Ultra Pure Paint Reviewed

Home Depot’s Behr Ultra Pure Paint Reviewed

After having many good experiences using many Behr paints, I was sure I must be buying the best paint for my girls room when the paint mixer convinced me to go for Behr’s ultra pure paint.

The paint mixer person insisted that I would only need one coat of this pink paint to cover lavender paint that was on the girls bedroom walls. The price was more expensive but after explaining that I also didn’t need to prime the walls prior to painting with Behr Ultra Pure Paint I went for it. I mean, why not?

Pure Paint

In a nutshell it was a nightmare. The Behr Ultra Pure Paint was so thin it streaked and needed two coats of paint. I had to go out and buy another gallon of paint to paint the room.

In the end, two coats later,the Behr Ultra Pure Paint did look gorgeous. It didn’t do what the Home Depot paint mixer said but two coats later I got the exact color I was hoping for for twice the price.